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THE BIG MOVE (& an update on The Artist’s Way)

“London-By-The-Sea” is NOTHING like London, and do you know what is even less like London? Southampton

Do you know what’s even less like London than Southampton? Abercarn.

“Where?” I hear you ask. Exactly.

I used to hate London with every fibre of my being. Anytime I travelled there from my tiny Welsh village (which wasn’t very often) when I was younger I just felt very boxed in, rushed off my feet, and unsafe.

Now I’m moving there. What?

I’m going to be a “Londoner” How weird is that?

In all realness though this move is terrifying, but also exciting, but also terrifying.

I literally never ever thought I would move to London, it’s so not traditional me. Traditional me loves quiet cafés, quiet nature walks, room to relax and breathe.

London, traditionally, is none of those things, but I’m moving there anyway. Why? Why not.

Honestly, I’m moving to London for two reasons.

  1. It’s where the jobs are.

  2. It’ll be an experience won’t it.

In all reality this might come crashing down around me but hey I guess I’m a risk-taker now. Also do I care? No.

Either way it’ll be an experience, a learning experience, and your 20s is the time this sort of things. I have nothing tying me down anywhere, no mortgage to pay, no tiny humans to care for, so (and I repeat myself here) why not?

Also, a quick update on The Artist’s Way.

I had been starting to wonder what it was exactly that the morning pages were supposed to be doing but I think I found my answer writing this very blog post. As with the morning pages I told myself to just sit down and write, that it didn’t matter if it was “right”, and if it ended up being a pile of crap I could simply discard it and it wouldn’t matter.

Pre-morning pages I wouldn’t have even written this blog post due to thoughts of:

  1. I don’t know what to write.

  2. What if it’s rubbish?

  3. I don’t have anything to say.

But here we are so maybe they are helping after all.


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Hi! I'm Aimée, I'm 24 and I live in London with my boy Sean.

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